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Isabel Mendes Eastern Region Teen Protocol Chair_edited.jpg
Message from our Regional Teen Protocol Chair

Greetings, Teens and Mothers,
I am honored to serve as the Teen Eastern Regional Protocol Chair for this year, representing the Greater Hartford Chapter. Through my appointment as an Eastern Regional Teen Officer, I aspire to cultivate community and help create a new wave of passion for the Eastern Region. I plan on bringing my creativity to the table to implement new and exciting ideas and execute them in equally unique ways. My job is to serve as the liaison between the Mother’s Protocol Chair and the teens of the Eastern Region. I am responsible for ensuring that teens follow proper protocol during Teen Conference and work area clusters. Protocol observes and adheres to the details and nuances needed to set the stage for successful events. These days, when basic civility seems to be lost, proper etiquette is even more crucial and beneficial. During Teen Conference, I will also chair the Courtesy Committee, which acknowledges the efforts and services extended by the hosting chapter and the Regional Teen Officers. I am thrilled to work with my fellow Eastern Regional Teen Board members throughout the year to plan programs and activities that reach the region in new, empowering, and engaging ways.
In service,
Isabel Mendes

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