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Many children go back to school without being able to afford basic school supplies that are required. Teachers often have to come out of pocket to fill in the gaps when needed. We collected backpacks filled with school supplies (pens, pencils, rulers, folders, crayons, markers, etc) for children in need this school year. Thank you for your support, leadership and donations. Below, please find the number of school supplies and backpacks that have been delivered thus far! Wow!

Crayons: 714
Index card packs: 1
Planners: 1
Sticker packs: 1
Dry erase markers: 8
Rulers: 95
Book cover sheets: 1
Empty binders: 13
Backpack with water-bottle: 1
Construction paper sheets: 36
Poly envelopes: 2
Pencil sharpeners: 6
Binders with paper: 3 
Backpacks: 32
Glue bottles: 4 
Headphone sets: 3
Erasers: 4
Lunch box: 1
Glue sticks: 85 
Scissors: 17
Dictionaries: 2
Pens: 193 
Note pads: 1
Highlighters: 17 
Folders: 22
Portfolios: 2
Pencil pouches: 26
Markers: 40
Sticky note pads: 4
Notebooks: 80
Colored pencils: 118
Pencils: 340

Your support means so much!

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